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At The Brighton Locksmith we offer a full and comprehensive range of services, domestic and commercial operating 24 hours a day throughout the Brighton and Hove area. Below you will find a list of the most common services we provide, as well as our Security Assessment Guide. If you are concerned about the security of your home or business then these guidelines will help you to decide where any security breaches are most likely to occur and what steps you can take to protect yourself and your property.

Remember, at The Brighton Locksmith there are NO CALL-OUT FEE'S to pay. We offer DISCOUNTS for O.A.P's, Students and Victims of Crime, and for a limited time NO VAT on all purchases. If your locked-out and in need of a locksmith in our RAPID RESPONSE policy means we will always try to be with you in UNDER 30 MINUTES day or night.

The Brighton Locksmith Security Assessment Guide

By taking some simple and comparably inexpensive precautions most potential intruders can be easily deterred. It may be necessary to take extra precautions to keep out the professional burglar, but the vast majority of burglary's in the UK are carried out by thieves who rely on opportunism and stealth when looking for a potential target. Remember, security not only puts time on your side but often makes a stealthy entry impossible, especially when used in combination with an alarm system. Installing a variety of security measures is a wise policy, and remember that the cost of securing your premises is often relatively inexpensive. Often taking small precautions such as ensuring all windows are fitted with window locks or purchasing an alarm is all it takes to protect your premises from the vast majority of potential attacks. Below our Brighton Locksmith Security Assessment Guide will help you to identify what steps you can take to protecting your home, premises and property.

Front Door


Your front door should have at least one British Standard (BS3621) mortice lock (minimum 5 lever) or BS cylinder operated night-latch, although a combination of both is good policy. These should be Kite-Marked showing the British Standard symbol.

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Side & Back Doors


A 3 Lever mortice lock is usual although 5 lever BS3621 mortice lock is recommended together with security bolts securing the top and bottom.

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Windows security is dependent on the windows you have installed. UPVC and double glazed units should be fitted with key operated window locks. Sash windows (popular in the Brighton area) afford a variety of locking options from simple sash closers to dual screws and key operated locks. Depending on your security requirements you may wish to consider security grills for particularly vulnerable windows.

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French Windows & Patio Doors


UPVC doors usually require a multipoint locking mechanism. Where desired BS cylinders and appropriate key-operated locks to the top, bottom of doors can also be fitted.

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Outbuildings & Patio Doors


A variety of locking options are available depending on requirements. Solitary outbuildings are often targeted by intruders often with a higher incidence of criminal damage so linking this buildings to an existing alarm system is recommended.

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Door Entry Systems


Suitable for both domestic and commercial situations. From Key less domestic door entry systems to full key fob, card and code systems for larger commercial enterprises, from nurseries and doctors surgeries to multi-story office blocks with segmented security requirements. The hardware is dependent on requirements.

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Closed Circuit Television Cameras are another security option for your home or business. CCTV is often easily and quickly installed, it can be overt to provide an additional visual deterrent or concealed. Installing an entry system means you can not only speak to your visitors before allowing them inside but the system can be set to activate and record whenever someone approaches your property.

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Intruder Alarms


Intruder Alarms provide an excellent deterrent to the would-be intruder. External sirens if placed in a strategic position not only warn your neighbours of a break in but with the incorporation of a pulsing light, warn others of an active and functional security system operating on the premises.

We can even arrange for an alarm receiving centre to monitor your alarm status 24 hours a day so the appropriate authorities will be notified in the case of a break in. Bells only intruder alarms are another option but they will just scare away an intruder. We can also provide a full key-holding and alarm response service to the local Brighton and Hove Area. The Alarm Systems we provide are all designed and installed to be fully compliant with ACPO BS8243:2010 and European Standard EN 50131-1:1997

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